Tornado Outbreak (Video Game)

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Title: Plot
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Captain Nimbus thinks it's time for him to step down and put Zephyr in charge. Zephyr and his friends are wind warriors And it's their job to create atmosphere on lifeless planets. It was Zephyr's Exciting time of his life and couldn't imagine it getting better Then he met Omegaton. The antimatter hero of a backwards dimension as an antimatter universe. He would've have perished if the wind warriors didn't find him. Omegaton was stripped of his 6 orbs of power and banished to space. The wind warriors first mission was earth and their first problem. The sun it's radiation is deadly to the wind warriors. However given an Lighweight Object Alamang Device or Load Starr given by Omegaton it provides shade. The Fire flyers enimes of Omegaton and now the Wind warriors......