Tornado Outbreak (Video Game)

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Title: Gameplay
Post by: larrye on November 19, 2016, 11:27:04 am
Start off as a small tornado pick up larger objects such as rocks,trees,etc. When you see a object wobble you can pick it up if it has orange around it it contains a Fire Flyer hold the [RT],,[R1]. You will absorb a fire flyer
You will need to grab at least 10 or more flyers at once to boast the Load Starr's timer. Try to get big enough to flatten out the map! However avoid the Sunlight...Each level is divided into 3 parts once all completed you will enter Vortex race with Captain Nimbus, or a Wind Warrior to finalize the tornado. If a fire flyer sneaks in the gate hold ,[RT],[R1] to absorb the flyer!